Host A Shopping Party!

Host Your Own Personalized with Luv- Shopping Party!

We are now offering two great ways you can be the host of your own PWL shopping party: at home or online. There are great benefits to both depending on which option works best for you. We want this to be a fun shopping party and welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have.



How Does the Party Work? You pick the date and time and we do everything else. After you request to host a party, you will be contacted by our Party Coordinator who will work out all of the details about your party. We provide everything needed for the shopping party, including some snacks for your guests. (Kosher and nut free available.) We typically arrive about an hour in advance to set up our products. Parties last from 2-3 hours depending on your preference. Our parties are casual and fun. We want you to touch and feel the merchandise, ask lots of questions, and you can choose from a variety of colors and fonts for monogramming.

How Long Does the Party Last? Parties are typically two to three hours long. This can depend on how many people you invite.

Payment at the Party:  We ask all guests to pre-pay for their merchandise. They will receive a receipt of their order and an approximate time of pick up. We accept cash, check, or credit cards at our parties. (Visa, MC)

How Do I Invite Guests? You can invite your family and friends via Facebook, evite, email or any platform you choose. If you need assistance coordinating the invite, please let us know and we can show you how. Tell everyone you know because the more you sell, the more you earn.

What’s My Incentive for Being a Host?  To thank you for being so gracious and opening your home to a PWL shopping party, you will earn 10% of the proceeds of that your party makes in credit towards your shopping bill for the event. So if your party earns $600 dollars, you get $60 dollars of credit towards any merchandise you choose. (Please note that you will receive a minimum of $30.00 credit, even if your party makes less than $300 for the evening.)

Special Incentive:  If you choose to host a party in your home, you and your guests will receive a special discount of 20% our online prices. In addition we will raffle off a special prize to one of your guests and that guest will be notified of their prize.



How Does the Party Work? Hosting an online party is more convenient for some. No one has to come to your home and you can shop anytime. You can contact our office via email with the following information: name, address, phone number, list of emails of your guests.

Payment during Party:  Guests will pay via the website following paypal payment directions. They will receive a special code via email from us that allows them to save 10% on their purchase.

How Do I Invite Guests? We will email the invitation to your guests per the email of names you send to us.

What’s My Incentive for Being a Host?  To thank you for being a host for an online party, you will receive 15% off of your total purchase. You and your guests will also be entered into a raffle and the winner will be notified via email. The prize may include $5 off of next purchase, free shipping, etc.

How Long Does the Party Last? Your online party lasts 7 days! This will ensure enough time for all of your guests to have time to browse the website and shop.

Shipping Fees:  All shipping fees will be calculated at the time of purchase. These fees depend on the cost of the item. If you live in close proximity to your guests, we are happy to combine all items and have them delivered to one location. If you live in Plainview and would like to pick up items from our office, please choose the local pickup option when checking out.

When Will Items Be Received? All items will be shipped in a timely manner. Most of our items are custom made and can require up to two - three weeks time for shipment depending on the quantity of your order. We can rush any items but need advanced notice. We can also ship gifts anywhere in continental US.  Please call or email us with any questions.


We look forward to working with you!!

Happy Shopping!